What is Homeopathy?


For more than two centuries, homeopaths have treated patients on the basis that ‘like cures like’. The premise of homeopathy is that substances in nature that cause symptoms in a healthy person can help to cure the same symptoms in a person who’s ill.


For example, chopping an onion can cause your nose and eyes to start streaming: the homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa, made from red onion, is used to relieve similar symptoms in common cold and hayfever sufferers. Based on more than two centuries of experience, remedies made from highly dilute plant, mineral and animal extracts are now used to treat a huge variety of illnesses and conditions.

As a holistic treatment, homeopathy addresses more than just physical symptoms: it treats the whole person. This is especially important in treating chronic illnesses, where the therapist will consider the symptoms in the light of the patient’s personality, lifestyle, medical history and other factors, before prescribing a truly individual treatment.


Fiona Harper, Homeopath LCHE, MARH

Fiona Harper, Homeopath LCHE, MARH


Treating people as people

Medicine was a fairly crude affair back in the 18th Century. So crude in fact that a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, turned away from it altogether and developed a more natural, holistic and patient-centred alternative. Two hundred years later, his principles of homeopathy still offer hope and encouragement to patients disenchanted with conventional medicine or to those simply taking control of their own health and treatment.


How can it help?

Homeopathic remedies contain minute quantities of naturally occuring substances and are perfectly safe to use alongside any prescribed medication you’re already taking. They are designed to stimulate the body to heal itself and can be used to treat many acute and chronic conditions, including:


  • Skin conditions, such as eczema, molluscum, psoriasis and acne
  • Gastric problems from ulcers to IBS
  • Allergies, including hayfever and asthma
  • Women’s health
  • Childhood illnesses and behavioural problems from birth to teenage years
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue
  • Thyroid problems
  • Backache

If you have a specific condition you’d like to discuss, please contact us. Please be assured that all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest professional confidence.


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What happens next?

Your first appointment will last up to an hour long for adults and half an hour for children. This allows plenty of time for taking a detailed case history and listening to your concerns, as well as for prescribing treatment. The consultation fee includes all homeopathic remedies. Most patients attend a follow-up appointment four to six weeks later.

If you’re suffering from an acute condition, such as a cold, cough, flu, tonsillitis, ear infection, diarrhoea, childhood diseases or an injury, you can book a 10 minute appointment at short notice. We also offer telephone consultations if you are unable to come into the clinic; we’ll then post your remedy to you, or you can collect it at a later date. Home visits can be arranged where appropriate.


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